Saving files only localy?

Is there really no way to save an txt file on line. I know how to do it with a generator, i really would like to know it, so i could save the highscores on any computer.

PHP !!\r\rpom 0]

do you know how to do it? I know a little bit about php and cgi but i really can find how to do it

Check the best of Kirupa forum, there’s a very interesting thread by Lars.\r\rpom 0]

Check out this Guestbook tutorial on Flashkit:…ndex.shtml\r\rThe guestbook functions by grabbing the flash variables, rewriting them to a text file and saving it. Download the accompanying zip file for the tutorial and you can take a look at the PHP file that makes it all happen. Maybe that will help you find the answer to your question.

My (free) host supports only ASP with MDB (Microsoft Access DataBase)…\r\rAny way to do it with ASP? If not then do you know any free host that supports PHP?

I’m looking for an ASP method. Shouldn’t be too hard to write.