Saving the looks of users


i am a flash developer and doing work on action scripting currently…I NEED HELP!!
i am tring to make a wig trial studio tool where a user can upload his/her photograph and the system would allow user to drag/drop wig photos to be super-imposed on the user’s own picture. i am giving move and resize options with the wig picture in m script, and i want to save the looks of a user when he/she finalises the location and placement of the wig image, over their own picture at run time.

the problem i am facing is that i am not able to write the correct script for saving the looks of users , along with the wig of their choice, for example, please have a look at wig trial studio…i am actuall tring to duplicate this portal’s functionality and i will be really gretful for any wise guiding comments which you fellows can give in this matter.


Ajay- India