Saving To and Retreiving From the Desktop

I am an educator in the public school system and I am in the process of writing a Flash movie/application designed to simplify desktop publishing and put it in the hands of first and second graders. The app is close to completion, but I have a few hurdles I need help jumping.

Is it possible to have a flash movie browse files on the desktop? This would be a prerequisite to my second hurdle, which is saving files to the desktop.

Here’s how it works…the program is designed to allow kids to create either a 4-page or an 8-page booklet with clipart and text out of a single sheet of paper. So at most, there will be 8 text fields which be assigned variable names and then 8 movies containing clipart which will also need a variable assignment. It would be very easy to compile these variables and write them to a text file on the server via PHP, but I would like to write them to a text file on the desktop. Then, later, have the movie find that text file through LoadVars and plug the info back in the appropriate text fields in the program. What is necessary to make that happen?

Thank you for your help.

Take care.