Saving to Desktop

Does anyone know of a nice, quick and easy way of getting a Flash movie to save things to a users’ C drive and installing things - icons, shortcuts etc?

umh im pretty sure you can’t do that with fs commands… maybe if you can start a .bat file which does…

Ick. This is going to be messy, isn’t it?

there was a hack in f5 to use the command prompt (windows) to save text files, but its not natively supported and definiately not possible through the browser (well, not without a bit of mess). If you’re making a standalone projector, its easiest to just get a 3rd party projector that will let you save through fscommands which the new projector adds.

I forget them offhand, but one is like swfstudio, and theres another called… umm… oh, screenweaver. Check them out. The down side is, they’ll cost ya.