Sbeener-image gallery

how could i use the script you made for the slideshow…into a thumbnail gallery so i could have say:

folderA-thumbnail images
FolderB-bigger version

the thumbnail images would load as it did on the tutorial but the images would also have to be buttons…so that when pressed a geturl action could be executed.

thanx for the help my friend.


That sounds like a nice advancement to the tutorial, thumbnails that are buttons (or movie clips) that load a larger image, because lets admit, no one wants to view a slide show with all big images! Well not me, but I liked your tutorial and I have learned from it, thanks bro!

i would really love to see this happen.

I rekon this could only be achieved by using a db… I have a project that may require this… so i will let you nkow how i get on…and i’m sure i will be asking for tons of help…:wink:


Dynamic event handlers, my man… That’s the key. Now, you can take a movie clip and tell him

you.onPress = function () {
      // do something like gotoAndPlay, loadMovie...

The only problem then is to know what you want to do on press. But since you’re working with arrays, there shouldn’t be too much trouble.

pom :asian:

i would friggin love a tutorial on this :slight_smile: wink wink

I’ll try and make something for you, my man. But after lunch. :-\

pom :asian:

Man, hard thing to understand everything in Supra’s code… Beautiful, but prototypes all around are disconcerting.
I think you have to change the loadMeter prototype a bit

MovieClip.prototype.loadMeter = function() {
	var i, l, t;
	l =;
	t =;
	if (t>0 && t == l) {
		this.onEnterFrame = fadeIn; = function () {
			trace ("youhou ! ") ;
	} else {

This will trace Youhou ! But you can add an empty clip on the stage, ans assuming that all the pictures are named image0_big.jpg and so on, you could replace the trace action with

this.bigPhoto.loadMovie(this.pathToPics+this.pArray[this.pIndex]+"_big.jpg") ;

The pictures in the array should be named without the extension jpg by the way.

The other problem that I can’t seem to tackle is that the first picture to be loaded doesn’t have the onPress action. Help !

I hope it helps.

pom :asian:

this is really cool! :slight_smile:

need to get that first image to load…unless i can have the be empty…humm