Scaling Down Images... How?

How do I do this ?

You’re not being discriptive enough. Explain what it is you are trying to do as completely as possible.

I think he is wanting to Scale his images down, as in change the size. Do do this…select the image, then right click. Click on Scale, then there should be 8 little boxes that go around the image, so that you can scale it down(or up) to the size that you want your image to be. Hope this is what you were talking about and hope it helps…

I see that you can scale them down. But how do I make the whole thing smaller. Look at my pages, and see how the WHOLE page is * just* flash… I want the small square with the fx in it only to show up as flash… <— Copy and Paste

Click here to view your code. You may change the width and the height of it to fit your need…

Do I do that by pressing Cont. + M ???


Well, changing the html will scale the entire project. So everything will get smaller. You can set this in the publish settings.

Ctrl+M will let you change the actual movie stage size. This will look like it has the same effect, but it doesn’t scale anything smaller in the movie… it changes the size of “on-stage” area.

Another note,

If your using raster images (jpg, gif, png) and you scale them you will lose image quality… It’s best to scale your movie to the right proportions, then scale your raster images with something like Photoshop. Next update your images in flash…

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