Scaling mc's

somebody out there, who is able telling me how to scale a mc in just the xscale by mouse down so the left side of object keeps in their position.
thx anyhow goof

think of this man…
if you want the left side of the object still in it’s position… :slight_smile:
make the registration of the object in the left side … easy…

flashSwimmer C:-)


Sorry dude, I think it´s better if you explain it a little better. :slight_smile:

You want to scale a movieclip on the x axis and not on y axis, so far so good, but just the right part of it?
You´re tring to say that you want to scale an object but whant that his left alignment remains the same, is that it?

If it is, try this:

1-find the x alignment value, ex.: 100px

2-Use this code:

on (press){

[SIZE=1]the *2 doubles the xscale
the 100-(movieClip._x/2) adjust the x position to the aligment at 100px on the x axis[/SIZE]

Never tested it but I think that will work:-\


[EDIT] Just saw the Flash swimmer tip, its good too try his tip before mine.
We posted at the same time:
FlashSwimer and Guig0, sitting in a tree…
:stuck_out_tongue: [/EDIT]

thx sofar i’ll try it