Scaling published SWF's

hi all,

I’ve got a fair few SWF’s im using as load movies, level 1,2,3 etc and I need to scale them all by 130%. I know all about the edit mulptiple frames command, but it stuffs up all tweens, fades etc and theres way too many affects to be correcting after using this funall assistance appreciated.ction.

So i was hoping theres a way to scale my already published SWF or scale it when publishing so when it comes into my main movie it’s 130% larger. Is there a code i can put it the load movie command??

or is there another way??

You can specify size in the HTML, but that will increase everything, including any non-vector images which will loose quality when scaling


so increase the size of the movie in HTML publish settings??

how does a HTML size affect the SWF size, because essentially i’m loadind ONLY the swf into my main movie??


when you embed a swf into html to be viewed by a browser, the size of that swf is in the HTML code…

…So… open the html file, look for 800, replace with 1024… etc.


tried it and nothing changed…

incresed the HTML size when publishing, but loaded the same size as before.

should I then be loading a .HTML instead of a .SWF into level 1?

If I understand correctly, in the _level0, the html which loads that swf… that is where you want to change the size…


no , level 0 is fine, I have to change the scale of level1 .swf?

the rest of the levels take their size from the base movie…

so if you have an 800x600 main swf, which you want to load a 1024x768 movie into it, it will come out 800x600…

if I understand your problem…


i think my question is similar if not the same to one down the page.

my base movie is set correctly 800/600. On release i load
’ image.swf’ on level 1. The swf is not full screen, it’s about 1/5 of the screen size. Iwant to load it so it loads at 1/2 the screen size?


I don’t know how to do that…



thanx anyways