Scary Movie 3

I’m not sure if it’s just my current state of mind :flower:
but this film looks like it has some funny stuff in it.

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Queen Latifa is also gonna be in this. Did you guys know I bagged her groceries once? True story.

Sure you did thor, you “bagged” her “groceries” :P.

I didn’t really like the first one that much. There comes a point in the movie when they’ve done too many gross things and it just stops being funny.

I dunno, the clown in the second one was quite amusing. And Tim Curry, since he plays a villain so well. :slight_smile:

Oh, and the parrot! :slight_smile: I want that parrot.

Ehhhh… I’m a bit skeptical on this one… I loved the first one, the second one sucked… so I don’t really know what to expect for this one

Josh, put some clothe on, it’s bothering me.:stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, I lied, I just watched the trailer and it looks freakin amazing

I think it’s always been a rip off of good movies. Signs was great movie and this movie would be dumb to include some mock into it.

i was a bit disapointed with signs.

Signs was horrible…
Stay away from the water or the aliens will potentially get locked in your pantry. gasp

Mel Gibson was good.

signs summary
aliens came to earth.
farmer gets scared, but stays out of it.
aliens attack earth and cause lots of suffering, but farmer stays out of it.
aliens come to farmer.
famer kills alien with water.
all aliens killed with water.

DUMB!!! why would aliens come to earth, where most of the planets surface is water? If they are allergic to water, then the natural humidity of the planet wouldv’e killed them anyway!

…i guess they never conqured england - its always raining!

I think this movie is going to be hularious - does anyone know if the waynes brothers are going to be involved again, I didnt see them listed anywhere.

With all the stars that are going to be in this - it has to be funny :slight_smile: I just hope they dont give all the good stuff away in the previews again.

They could make these things forever - as a new flock of popular movies comes out, so does a spoof mocking them all… I personally think they are always good for a laugh. Sure it’s low brow humour, but it’s still funny :slight_smile: