Scope Issue?

I’m trying create a simple image slide show using the MovieClipLoader and setInterval, and I can’t get a reference back to my dynamic MC logo containers.

In my class I have :

private function  createSlides(logoData:Object){
                trace('//Creating  Slides');                             
                var  ref = this;

                totalLogos =  logoData.length;
                for(var  i = 0; i < totalLogos;  i++){
                        var  tempLogo = target.createEmptyMovieClip('logo'+i,  target.getNextHighestDepth());
                =  logoData*;
                logoInterval  =  setInterval(this,'slideshow',3000);                      

‘target’ is a reference back to the main MC instance(container). Images load just fine.

private function slideshow():Void  {
                trace('grrr  = '+  target.logo[currLogoIdx]);
                //var  logoFadeIn:Tween = new Tween(target.logo[currLogoIdx], "_alpha", Strong.easeIn,  0, 100, 1,  true);
                if(currLogoIdx ==  (totalLogos -  1)){
                        currLogoIdx  = 0;   
                } else  {

My trace on ‘target’ and ‘currLogoIdx’ return proper values, but the one on target.logo[currLogoIdx] returns undefined.
If I trace('grrr = '+ target.logo1); or logo2, logo3 and so on, it returns the proper MC path. Any ideas?