Scoring in Quiz

Hi Friends,
I am making a quiz…
There are some inputTextField on the stage, and user need to fill them.

for example…

Q1. temperature of Mumbai…
A1. … // “temp_mumbai” is the instance of input text.

Q2. temperature of Jaipur…
A2. … // “temp_jaipur” is the instance of input text.

now I need to check the answer…

So I wrote code like that…

var totScore:Number = 0;

submitBtn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, checkAns);

function checkAns (e:MouseEvent):void {
    chek (temp_mumbai, "30", 1);
    chek (temp_jaipur, "45", 1);

function chek (txt:TextField, answer:String, score:Number) {
    var myTxt:String;
    myTxt = txt.text;
    if (myTxt ==  answer)
        totScore =  totScore + score;
        trace ("totScore : " + totScore);

    } else
        trace ("totScore : " + totScore);

I get correct score one time but if user click on submitBtn again the score has change…
and I can’t get proper score…

Please help me… how can I get Proper score…???