plz help me. im not very good at using the publishing tool,I know how to publish html’s in flash and swf’s and alot of other stuff but I need help with publishing a screensaver file,the file type is .*scr.ok. help plz:).

if you have the flash 5 cdrom there is soething on it somewhere that lets you turn swf into screansaver files. I hope you find it.

I thought you needed a second program to do that.

I’ll take a look too. That’s interesting…

I dont have the cd or a seperate programme,socan you please find me a site which I can download it off for free.ok.:slight_smile:

I have not seen a free version of the Screen Saver creation program yet. Believe me, if I find one that is legal, I’ll be posting it here in the forum somewhere.

I will look into the CD and see if I can find it there, but if you don’t even have that there’s not much I can do for you.