Screen Contrast / Brightness Issues!

Okay, so fo some reason, my monitor is displaying everything wierd. This has been going on since I first got my monitor, and I don’t know how to fix it…
Nothing looks right, everything is off… I have a geForce 4200, and I’ve tried adjusting the color settings in it, but nothing looks right… either everything is to dark, or to light, or something… Any suggestions? I’ve tried doing everything I can think of to make it look right, but it still is off…

Haven’t seen you in a while Tim!!!

Well, first thing, have you tried updating your drivers?

Try StarStorm drivers if those fail.

Drivers updated frequently… I’ll check that link out, thanks.

I tried the drivers, and played with the settings, but everything is still “off”… I’m lost…
I have the color settings for the graphics card all set to default… if I change anything it makes the white grey, or the black grey… ::stuck_out_tongue:
Any other suggestions?
What’s odd, is that my monitor Brightness/Contrast are both at 100, but everything just seems darker than it should be…

Clean all the connectors, dust kills.

What kind of monitor is it?

ADI microscan… whatever that is…
Just your standard non-flatscreen monitor.
Resolution at 1600 X 1200

hold old is the monitor?

running on 100 and 100 is not a good idea…it tends to burn monitors out more quickly, not to mention your eyes.

Er… dunno… I’ve had it for about 2 - 2 1/2 years… but it’s second-hand…