screenResolutionX/Y realtime refresh not supported?

Hi mates,

I have following issue: System.capabilities.screenResolutionX and System.capabilities.screenResolutionY doesnt seem to refresh realtime while the movie is playing and user changes the resolution of the desktop… Although this is somehow unprobable - that user will change resolution of the desktop while viewing websites - i would like to detect this user’s action and resize the website content accordingly.

Here is the code i use to check the change in desktop resolution:

var nScrResY:Number = System.capabilities.screenResolutionY;

// onChangeDesktopResolution can be an onEnterFrame function.. (comparing actual res. with initial res.)
var nIntResChange:Number = setInterval(scrResChange, 500);
function scrResChange():Void { 
    [COLOR=Red]**trace(**[/COLOR]System.capabilities.screenResolutionY[COLOR=Red]**)**;[/COLOR] // traces SAME number even if i change desktop resolution
    if(nScrResY != System.capabilities.screenResolutionY) {

       nScrResY  = System.capabilities.screenResolutionY;
       // refresh other objects which depend on nScrResY

so as shown above, the trace statement outputs all the time the same resolution, no matter if the resolution of the desktop changes during the movie playback… Any ideas how i can detect change in desktop resolution realtime [not just when the movie starts]?

And if there are, they are apprecciated :wink: