Screens of CosmOS!

Hey guys,

Just thought you might want to know that my OS (CosmOS) is now up to v0.4!

Windows emulation works really well now.

I have some screens and more are coming. And the theme is ported from a WinXP theme called Fresco, by KoL. The icons are from a set called Mesaview by -DarKat-

Anyhoo, here are a couple of screenies, more coming!

Desktop, a few icons, auto hd detection sort of working. I’ll have to change the way the HD management works so it somehow fits in with the 'doze, mac and *nix paradigm… Garrrr

Token screen of MS Notepad being run under CosmOS. Notice that I can now extract the app icon from the EXE and place it in the title-bar:

As I said, more coming!


EDIT: Whoops, ignore what I said about the app icon :stuck_out_tongue: I wonder how that slipped through -.-