Screensaver in Flash


In my web application, I need to provide the users with the screensaver. If the screensaver is a common file, then there will not be a problem.

But the problem is, the users are allowed to upload images in the site, for which a a swf will be played with random animation ( or the animation they select)

Please find below the operations that has to be done

Eg. The member is allowed to upload the images and they can also select the list of animations from a dropdown list. when they click “next”, they will see the image uploaded with the selected animation. In the next page, they can download the same as a screensaver.

Please let me know, whether any tool is available to convert the SWF to screensaver dynamicaaly in a web itself. I knew that there are lot of tools available to convert the swf file to screensaver. But that all will work offline as a desktop application for which we need to give the swf as input. But in my case, everything has to be done dynamically…

Any solution for this ?