Script for a "download" button

On my stage i have a button.

on (press) It should download a file.

What is the actionscript for that?

Thxs if you can help !


I say .zip because its best to zip files you wish to have downloaded.

  1. it allows for a smaller filesize, hense smaller download time
  2. browsers recognize it as a file format that is to be downloaded and not opened.

Yes I did that,

getURL(…) but it doesnt work and the path is correct…
do I need to have variables (get or post )?

There must be a problem with the path. It works without POST or GET.

pom :cowboy:

How stupid of me!!!
It was a path problem…

When writing the path…i wrote my file’s name “” instead of writing “” !! Forgot a CAP letter !!!and that made all the difference…grrr!!