Script unsure

I have been trying to ask around about this for a bit now, but been so busy with college. First week in and I still have not got my books. :ne: Kinda not good.
But anyways, I am using the attachMC scripts and start and stop drag scripts. But I was wondering about a certain thing. Say you have a MC created with its name plus a variable, like name+i. When the MC is first created, it comes out with the normal name + i, which is increased before the MC is created everytime. Like, box+i, and then the next is i++ and box+i and so on. So how would you detect the current variables in a situation like this? = _root._xmouse;

How would it be done? I tried this, but it doesn’t work. If you need to see what I mean, then a fla. is here. It doesn’t explain it, but when you check out what the file does, you should get it.
Here is the fla.