Script works in Firefox but not in IE

Ok, I’ve made this chatbox script.
It’s a movie with this script in the first frame

*[font=Courier New][size=2]function LaadData() {
var oudetekst;
loadVariablesNum (“data.txt”, 0);
if(detekst != oudetekst) {
Bericht = detekst;
oudetekst = detekst;

[/size][/font]*[font=Courier New][size=2]It works fine in Mozilla Firefox 0.9
But in Internet Explorer 6.0 it loads the variables only one time and then it stops.
What can I do to tackle this problem?

probably caching the txt file

loadVariablesNum (“data.txt?”+new Date().getTime(), 0);

Yeah! You are my god!
Come to think of it… I’ve had that problem before with a javascript… anyway… thnx!