Scripted movement (like a ribbon)

Hi all! Hope you can give me a nudge in the right direction here. I’m looking into making a neat little action for a website. They have 5 coloured ribbons in their logo, which are horizontal across the screen .What I would like to acheive initially is to see the ribbons moving (floating) slowly in the logo.

I am familiar with scripting functions to move / scale movie clips, but I don’t really know where to start with this thing. I have looked through some tutorials with scripted motion but they’re all a bit naff and not really geared to what i want to do, if you have any pointers / tutorials you can link to then i’d be immensely grateful.



Why do you need to script it? Anyways, if you have a 3D program with Ravix, create the ribbons in there, it will be much easier, and export it to Flash. However, why do you want to make scripted animation?

not a hundred percent sure what you mean… I did create these one time:

DO you want something like this: this

Thanks for the replys.

Phlashman, i’d like it to be scripted so I can reuse it in various different areas with just parameter changes.

jerez_z that looks brilliant, any more info on it?

Thanks a lot guys,


Its actually pretty simple. Just a matter of drawing lines at slightly different angles close to each other, and it creates a very good effect. The code isn’t commented (and there are some 3d stuff in there that complicate it a little) but I’ll put up the .fla when I get home.

that would be awesome, thanks for all your help