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Hi, I usually dont speak english…but i’m makin a project and i need help.
Well, im trying to make a window that can be drag in the whole flash project, like a window in the PC. but i want that this window can be display like a pop up. in spanish the word im trying to said is “reducir” but in the middle i have a text area with a scroll not with the bar, with buttons… UP and DOWN… well i hope somebody understand my idea and help me… thanks a lot and cheers from peru!

First off, welcome to!

Second, I confused: Do you really want it to popup (like out of the Internet Explorer in a new window) or do you just want it to be like a floating window over the rest of your flash content but still in the flash file?

I’m also having a bit of trouble understanding your English. I know some Spanish though, so maybe if you tried again in Spanish I could try to translate for you or answer your question maybe?

(Preguntame en espanol ;))

Jajaja… ok sorry… bueno tengo una ventana que pueda arrastrar pero quiero que a la pulsasion de un boton esta se achique creo que se llama scroll-up. Dentro de la ventana tengo un text area y no quiero la barra de scroll normal sino que sea a travez de botones… y que los suba o baje lentamente. He intentado hacer y encontre ejemplos buenos los cuales trate de modificar. Pero no pude resolverlo. Creo que debo practicar mi ingles…jeje…para la sgte posteo en ambos idiomas… Gracias

okay so I don’t know much spanish (even though I have mainly spanish blood in me…shame on me I know), but I think I know what he is saying.

First off, by ‘recudir’ he means minimize. He is basically looking for a draggable window created in flash. Inside this window there is a text area that is scrollable. he controlls the scrolling through up and down arrows, not an actual scrollbar. This shouldn’t be hard to make, I will throw something together real quick and post it up in a few…


view it here:

okay, the .fla can be downloaded here

hope it helps

Thanks a lot!!!
I suggest a forum in spanish…could be great…ijijiji

I cant open the file…i have flash MX…snif…plz do you re send me again but in other format…:smiley: