Scroll component problems... any ideas?

hello all in the kirupa forums.

lately i have been really looking into a particular component that i got from the user community of

here is the location for the component if you are interested… > expand interfaces folder > click on Navigation > then click on ‘Sliding Navigation’ by James young.

usually working with premade or adjusted components are useful cause they are designed to be simply dropped into your stage, and all you have to do is just mod it a bit. usually any way.

well i’ve been messing with this one alot lately, and can’t figure out how/why it’s not scrolling consistently. some times it lines up fine, and others it’s eaither 1/3 of the image, or 1/4… just can’t figure out why this is happening.

on the whole it works ok, but i would like it to be stable with the scrolling.

thought i might mention this to some of the real guru’s here in kirupa, and see what you think. any ideas will be really helpful.



Did you check this out?

just for some reason it is not consistent.

just trying to figure out why so that i can correct the problem.

also… i have one scroller loaded, then upon a click of another button it will unload, and be replaced via the loadMovie. but the replacement scroller will only scroll the first 3 images, and that is really wierd cause if you looked at the component it is not designed to do that.

for example. the first button will bring you the entire first image no problem.
the second button scrolls over to the second, then you can only see half of the second, third button moves the scroll over some more so that even more shows, and so on. by the time you reach the 7th button you finally see and only see the 3rd image load completely. as for the other 4 images… you don’t see them at all cause it will not scroll over that far.

by the way… the scollers i’m speaking of (only 2 of them) are not contained within one flash file. they are loaded into a container or what i call a dropzone, and displayed that way. the first one displays great! the second scroller ‘once it loads’ only scrolls through the 3 images.

if any one has any ideas i would be greatful.


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