Scroll pane loading

hi guys. i was wondering if u could help me with sum weird scroll pane trouble.

int eh about,flash,art,games sections they all use scroll panes to load external SWF files.

but when they load the first time they load outside of the scrollpane but if u go to another section of my site and then return to the previous section its loaded into the scrollpane.

i was told this had sumthing to do with refreshPane and loading the swf before it is loaded into the scrollpane but i cant get it to work.

can anyone help me out?


i like your website :beer:
but i cant figure out clearly whats the problem, can u attach the fla?

btw. there’s a bug on rollover menu caption (text appears when visitor roll over the button:about, flash, art etc) but when u drag the mouse out the menus, text caption will follow the mouse outside menu area.

add “on Drag Out” together with on Roll Out.

thanx for the compliment man. yup i knew about that drag thing i just didnt realy worry about it. thanx anyway dude. as for the problem, i cant realy attach my FLA but i can try to explain the problem better.

Once u go into a section that loads an SWF into a scroll pane (ie:flash,art), the SWF is loaded OUTSIDE of the scrollpane and there is no scrollbar or anything. But once u click out of that section and then go back into it, the SWF will be loaded into the scrollpane and it will work fine.

Now, sumone told me to use a getBytesLoaded vs getBytesTotal preloader kinda thing and on the SWF that was going to be loaded into the scrollpane, and then tell it that once the SWF was loaded to refresh the scrollpane so that the SWF would then load into it properly. he said to use instancename.refreshPane(); . but i have no idea how to use it.

so yeh hope that help a bit more, once again any help would be appreciated.


Sorri to bump this but i still need help with this.