Scroll Pane Tutorial

After 2 days of working with components, I have decided they really suck. Especiall the scroll pane one. Does anyone know of a place where I could learn to make my own scroll pane that would be able to scroll both images and text?

been waitin gor it =)

great. Thanks so much, you saved my butt on this job. :slight_smile:

just pay me $120 for helping you



no, i’m serious

but how come it says sarcasm alert? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you really are:
No habla Engles amigo.

hehe - just kiding m8!
fell free to use it, but give credit and share!

Definately. I made a couple of changes on it-hope you don’t mind. Just simple stuff like making the scroll bars invisible instead of inactive. I’m also working on adding another bar so it can scroll sideways as well. I can post what I have if you would like it.

it’s been made in rush… you’re suppose to change it :wink:
no, thank you - i’lkl make a new one if i need it :stuck_out_tongue: !

ok. thanks again

$100 pls