Scroll Pane

Heya Kirupa, been a long time since I’ve been to the site but I see you’re still doing an excellent job.
I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with duplicated movieclips within a scrollpane.
So I setup an MC that reads from an external textfile to create a dynamic menu. It gets it’s list of menu item names and how many there are and then duplicates a button inside an MC down the screen. That much of it works fine. The problem arises when you try to put the MC in a scrollpane. It scrolls everything fine except the buttons. They scroll right through the panes boundries and I must admit I’m fresh out of ideas.
My suspician is that flash gets confused when the buttons start duplicating themselves and it throws them to some “other” layer or something. Truely weird.
I’d be very appriciative for any solutions.
-Echo (I don’t hang with bunnymen) Storm

are you sure you’re putting the buttons in the right location?

Make your buttons part of an mc, and then link the mc in the scroll content area. Dont forget that the scrollcontent area must have the linkage name as opposed to the “stage” name or library name.

No, the buttons are part of the clip that the scoll pane is working with.
It works like this. the scroll pane is linked correctly to men_win which is nothing more than a little graphic window thing. Inside that clip is my button_template MC. Inside that is my menu_button button object. The actionscript in men_win is what duplicates the button template and makes the dynamic menu.
I’m getting the idea that its the kind of thing that might need to be executed before the scrollpane gets to it.
Thanks anyway.

if you want I can take a look at your fla to better understand.