Scroll wheel navigation in flash

Hi - I am wondering whether anyone knows how (or if) the scroll wheel can be used in flash, say - to navigat through a listbox or something - ?



Can be used with IE 6 only, and for text fields, so far. I have a link for that, but can’t find it…
The javascript it interacts with (in the html page/head) is:

<script language="JavaScript">
function mObject (mName) {
	if (navigator.appName.indexOf ("Microsoft") !=-1){
		return window[mName];
	} else {
		return document[mName];
var movieID = "scrollbarv2";
function scroll() {
	// Remember to assign an id paramater in your <object> tag and to set
	// the onMouseWheel="scroll()" paramater.
	var target = mObject(movieID).GetVariable("TScrollbarActive");
	target = "/"+target.replace(/\./g, "/")+":JSScroll";
	var scrollAmount = parseInt(mObject(movieID).GetVariable(target));
	if (event.wheelDelta >= 120) {
		mObject(movieID).SetVariable(target, scrollAmount - 1)
	} else if (event.wheelDelta<=-120) {
		mObject(movieID).SetVariable(target, scrollAmount + 1)

Ok, sorry, won’t apparently accept javascript to be posted, tried to edit but it doesn’t show…


we’ll just have to wait until the technology is there, I suppose - thanks anyhow,


Refer to the edit above.

And I even found the link in my collection:

it’s under play/ 3rd one…with download…
but it’s not the one i posted the code for above (thanx lost…), still, it works :wink:

No no, thank you for that link :slight_smile:

Thanks for the follow up on that -