Scrollable dynamic text; Help! My flash file included (MX 04)

(thank you skribble for helping me get this far!)

Alright so now I have a new problem. I’m trying to get dynamic text to load into a scrollpane, but it doesn’t seem to work. I’ve included my flash file, so maybe someone could help me out with this, I’ve spent over 5 hours on it already, maybe I’m just missing something obvious T.T

The script for it is on a new layer called “Action”. If I just create a dynamic text field on the stage, it works fine. So to try and get it in my scrollpane, I placed the dynamic field into a movie clip called “p1”. Then in the parameters of the scrollpane, I have content set to p1. It doesn’t work… and if I change it to static text it loads in the scrollpane just fine.

I was thinking maybe I have to tell the original load script where to look for the instance? But how? Or is it something else… please help me =)

EDIT-- Erm… my file size was too big to attach, sorry about that…

I made the graphics all ghetto and made the stage really small but it didn’t really help with the file size.

I uploaded it to my server, CLICK HERE for the flash file and [URL=]CLICK HERE for the text file.

I’m sorry the flash is so large (400k), but if I zip it my server will give a “forbidden” if you try and download it. I tested the link on my mac and PC, so I know it works heh. Sorry about all the trouble… Help if you can =)

ok dude, u cant upload text from a text document straight into a scroll pane. its alot more complicated. the easiest thing to do would be to create a new SWF and type ur text in that and then load that SWF into the scroll pane. the size of te SWF would still be small, plus u dont have to worry about converting all the text in a long process to load a document.

hope that helped.

0.o slaps himself

Why didn’t I think of that! I must have tried everything except that =P

Thanks again for helping me out! I’ll try that when I get home.