Scrollbar component troubles


I’m having problems with a scrollbar…
The site (so far) consists of two swf movies. One of them is the main movie which has the navigation, and the textbox for the different sections that contain solely text. The text is dinamically loaded from various .TXT files, depending on the section called. The other movie is a simple picture gallery.

When I load the site, the scrollbar works perfectly, as long as I don’t call the picture gallery SWF. When the picture gallery is on (level1) and I call a section, the text loads perfectly from the corresponding .TXT file, but the Scrollbar stops working.

What could be causing this, and how can I fix it?

The URL for it is:

The website is in spanish… To enter press [COLOR=Red]ENTRE[/COLOR].
The buttons that call a section are [COLOR=Red]biografia[/COLOR], and [COLOR=Red]La Iglesia Atomica[/COLOR].
The button that calls the picture gallery is [COLOR=Red]galeria[/COLOR].


Can anyone help me PLEASE!!!

Can you attach your fla?

thanks claudio…

I just figured out the problem… the scrollbar stopped working when an unloadMovieNum(); command was executed. So instead of unloading the movie… I simply created an EMPTY frame in the picture gallery SWF. That way I could call _level1.gotoAndPlay(“end”); and play the empty frame in the picture gallery swf which was loaded at LEVEL 1.

by the way, what did you think of the design so far?
thanks again, claudio