Scrollbar doesn't automatically re-size for dynamic text

Hi,\r\rI’m using the scrollbar component on a dynamic text field which is supposed to contain the text for a page on the site.\r\rThis works fine for whatever text is initially in there. However, when I change the variable which addresses the dynamic field to a different bit of text (say for another “page” on the site) the scrollbar remains exactly as it was.\r\rWhat i mean by this is, say the original text was 50 lines in length. If the new text were 75 lines you would only be able to scroll to the first 50. \r\rAny ideas how to fix this?

This topic was addressed previously. It seems that there is no way to make the scrollbar component re-evaluate the maxscroll property when dynamic text is loaded. I think the only way about this is to make scrollbars the old fashioned way.