Scrollbar dynamic text box reset?

is there a way to reset the scrollbar to the top position? I’m using one dynamic text box and loading different .txt files into it based on a user selection. the problem is that if a user scrolls down halfway through the text in one .txt file and then clicks on a button to load a different .txt file, the scrollbar remains at whatever position it was left at. I need a reset function for my scrollbar so that when i trigger a load (of a new .txt file) it’ll jump back to the top. any such thing?

thanks for any help!

on (release) {
	_root.textBoxInstanceName.scroll = 0;
	//other actions

hmm… that doesn’t work.

when I click on a new button to update the dyn text box the scroller jumps up slightly but doesn’t return to it’s zero/top starting point.