Scrollbar stuff

can you have one flash componet scrollbar target two dynamic text fields?

if you cant then how would you take two pieces of text on the same line and align one left and the other right? I’ve tried enabling html and using

<p align=“left”&gttext1&lt/p&gt &ltp align=“right”&gttext2&lt/p&gt

but, you cant have them on the same line. So I created two text areas one for each but, I need to be able to scroll them both.

anyone know how to do this?


y not just align each text box to whre u want it mak them into the same symbol then add ur scrollbar probably seems as tad simple but i dunno might work


there is another way. instead of using the html align and p tags you could use the table tag. just make a table with 2 columns and 1 row and then put your text into that. align one table cell’s content to the right and the other to the left. viola … there you have your seperately aligned text without all the actionscripting.

there are ways to link the text boxes with actionscripting but i really think if you’re going to use html anyway, this is better. it’s certainly much faster anyway.

hope this helps

flash’s html doesnt support tables… i tried it


well thats silly. i wonder why it doesnt support tables.

is there any way to make your copy into an external .html file and then have that viewed in the scrollbox as arbitrary content like a movie or something?

kinda misses the point of having dynamic data :o

I’m trying to format data that is coming back from a coldfusion page that connects to our employee database.

So that wouldnt work in this case.

I have it working and looking pretty good but, its silly that flash doesnt support tables. Actually it supports very little html.

it only supports features in HTML 1.0… which is just basic text formatting to the tune of BOLD, ITALICS, UNDERLINED, COLOR and PAGE BREAKS… just look up exactly what was included in HTML 1.0 if you want to know what FLASH supports.

I can understand why it wouldn’t support HTML. I mean, if you were going to do a page in HTML, what is the point of having it in Flash? Although a pain, you can draw the tables in flash and enter your information that way. You can also just create a flash NavBar or something and add flash elements to an HTML page.

I am not agreeing that it is good they don’t support that much HTML, but I do understand why. I personally think it sucks that they don’t support more.

flash supports java and php and interaction with databases in mySQL etc.

i have a book called Flash MX Unleashed. It’s a great resource and I would recommend it to anyone. This book has the information in it. i started to copy it down but aside from the fact that it’s really long, i think that’s copyright infringement. so i’ll just recommend you go to barnes and nobles or borders or some bookstore and find Flash MX Unleashed written by Matthey Pizzi and published by SAMS (no … not the grocery store). Anyway, i’d be of more help but I don’t have time to read through the tutorial at the moment so that I might explain it better.

but with what i can see in the book you can display database fields in a table and update them dynamically. also you can have them displayed as part of a MCsymbol so then you could put that into a scroller window. i think that will solve your problem.

if you find or buy the book … the tutorial to which i am referring is on page 749 (yes its a huge book) :slight_smile:

hope this helps