Scrollbar that disappears

I have a scrolling text box that takes the text from a file. It works fine until i navigate elsewhere in the movie. When i come back to it the scrollbar doesn’t want to be used. Anyone able to help me? Thanks.

Can you post your fla or explain a bit more how your movie is set up

This is my first attempt at doing a website for the school i work at. the text on the home page appears in the scrolling window and the scrollbar works ok. when you go navigate away and come back eg goto faculties and back to “QE home” the scrollbar no longer works. Had tried to put the same scrolling text box in news and events and the scrollbar didnt work in there either so bits are deleted in there (i assume its the same problem). The file is a bit messy in places cos im obviously still working on it. i tried putting the text box and scrollbar as a symbol and that didnt seem to work either. I am a novice (clearly) at this and am teaching myself but i have reached a wall here and cant seem to proceed. i would really appreciate any help! thanks.:slight_smile:

is anyone able to help me on this. Have only just started working with flash, and am unable to continue with this project until i can sort this. This forum is such a useful resource, am so glad i found it!! Any help is appreciated. thankyou.

as im not that good qith textfiles never really bothered have u tryed making the text a variable and loading it with loadVariables function or so just theory lol but nice site presentation