hey guys,

just wondering how to make a scrollbar in flash mx 2004? Please tell me how to do it step by step because i am a noob to flash :D!!!


If you’re looking for scrollbar tutorials, just do a board/web search. No one in their right mind woul post a reply detailing the ins and outs of creating a scrollbar.

It also doesn’t help that it’s fairly complicated, so I would not suggest making your own if you’re a total n00b. Just download a premade one and skin it.

if you give me some time, I can dig up one of the scrollbars I made a while ago, and comment it…then you could tear it apart and learn from it I guess. Let me know what version of flash you use…

Does this qualify me for out of my mind?!?

A bit, but not to the extent I had in mind – someone posting an entire tutorial on how to make a scrollbar. That WOULD be the act of a crazy person, I feel.


I would suggest not using ANY of the components from MX 2004, though. DL the pre-2004 set (they’re a LOT small in terms of KB).

okay heres the file as promised, it’s not commented right now I might do that in a bit, however, I have real work to attend to.