Scroller help!

Hi everyone.

Ok, this has been driving me nuts. I have been trying to do Claudio’s scroller but everytime I make my own dynamic text box with my content that is going to scroll and then I turn it into a movie, the content doesn’t show up when I view the movie. The scroller works fine, I assigned the correct instance names for everything, but it won’t work! However, when I bring in Claudio’s movie clip with the content, everything shows up.

What is going on?? Is there a certain way you have make the content movie clip? I have been working on this for hours and I’m really fed up.

I would upload it so you can see it but it says that the file is too large, even after I compacted it. How else can I make it smaller?

I would really like to figure this scroller thing out.

Try embedding the text.


i don’t understand. what text?

ok, how about this. if you already have a dynamic text box but you want to make it wider, how do you do that without distorting the text inside? if i can do that than i can just edit claudio’s text.

Click on your dynamic text box to select it. In the Properties panel click on the Character . . . button. Select the radio button for embedding font outlines.

To resize a text box click inside of it to get the blinking cursor (like you are going to write something) and you should see a handle appear that you can click and drag. Do NOT use the free transform tool or you will distort your text.


lunatic…i love you.