Scrolling 3d thumbs as a movie clip

I have a 3d rotating thumbnail movieclip. and I wish to be able the rotated it in both -x and +x directions. It loops, but I need to be able to controle the direction with a scrollover technique.

any ideas??

Thanks in advance


i was just wondering how you would go about putting objects or text in the middle of the rotating pictures. I have accomplished this but I had to export for action script on first frame. This causes problems with the preloader.

if there is a way, hope to hear back from you.
I like the methode yuo used to accomplish this Kode


… Merged threads. :sigh:

Put the title (or the object) into the movie clip instance center_mc. :slight_smile:

And if you’re wondering why it didn’t work when you tried it, run a search in the forum because it has been asked many times.