Scrolling A Textbox With Ease

Ok, I thought I had the answer to this a while back. Not sure if it’s possible, cuz I didn’t see anything on this specific topic. Can you scroll a textbox with php data with ease? Please tell me yes.

Here’s is the simple code i have now just to test
myText.scroll ++;

I tried dividing this by numerous numbers, in fact I tried so many things I don’t know where to begin to start


Heres an example. Its not mine though

claudio, thanks but this is kinda slow and bulky, i’ll try to tweak it, to get it to work better.

Any more ???

Thanks again claudio

well text boxes can only be scrolled with whole numbers (as far as i know) the only way I can think of to do that is to put the dynamic textbox in a movieclip and use buttons to ease the movie clip…

yes i thought of that, but wouldn’t that scroll the entire textbox? in other words i just want the text to scroll, i think that would make the textbox itself scroll

yeah it would, but i don’t think its possible to do easing like that unless you put the whole box into a movieclip and mask it…

hmm, would you suggest forget loading the data from the database and just making my news an mc? Would rather not cuz i’m also making an html site, and i dont really want to have to update 2 pages ya know

no, just put a dynamic text box in the MC and that way it will update with the database. Just make sure you embed the font so that you can mask it.

ok thanks jubb, i’ll give it a go