Scrolling image gallery

I am looking for ways to create a field that scrolls right to left for the buttons of and image gallery in Flash 5. If anyone could be of assistance PLEASE do!

Explain a little bit better please, and rephrase what you want, I didn’t get it : you want a scroller, or a scrolling set of buttons ?\rpom

a set of buttons that scroll from right to left. I’ve seen it all over the web but cant fugure out the code for it

I have used this file over at it a sliding menu. it is not a tut but a .fla that you can download and take apart and see how it was done, or you can just modify the file to fit your needs.\r\…_menu.html\r\r[url=“”] just find the “Sliding Menu + Fade” towards the buttom and click on the zip file.\r\rGood luck and repost if you have problems,\rMatt

Thats exactly want I need to accomplish without the fading ontop of the buttons. However I am having problems with the site and retrieving the code to accoplich this…Can you help?

worked for me try again.