Scrolling nav

take a look at what I’m working on.\r\\r\rHere’s my problem. I have the menu close to functioning the way I want it to, but It is droping down rather than moving up with the “choose your product bar” and I’m not sure why…\r\rThis is what my code looks like.\r[url=“”]\r\rI also don’t know how to determine the values for “Yposs” I just radomly picked them until it was working. I’m sure there is a better way to do this. I was working from a sample and all I could do was guess… I would love to understand.\r\rAny thoughts?\r\rThanks Much\rErik

Well, it’s not really working, is it ??\rIt’s actually very difficult to debug just like that. Can you post the real code ??\r\rpom 0]

that was the second link. Do you want me to copy and paste it intoa post??

No, I meant the code from your action panel… But I guess it’s the same as in your second link.\rpom 0]

so ilyaslamasse\r\rDo you have any sugestions?

It’s really impossible for me to understand your code. You know what ? Send me your fla, with only the drop down menu if you don’t want to give out the source, and I’ll see what I can do, but like this it’s just impossible.\rSorry.\r\rpom 0] \r\r[email protected]

@#%$ ?? I can’t open the fla !!\rpom 0]

A very very good drop down menu <a href=>tutorial</a>.\r\rpom 0]