Scrolling page in flash website

Hey… I am creating a flash website and would like to know some useful coding that would move the flash movie vertically only… if possible moving the foreground and background at different speeds for a nice effect. Can any1 help? :slight_smile: Thanks

u cud just use tweens maybe. But ill check out some code for u later on

thanks that would be useful!..but i dont think i explained it too well… ok… i am creating a picture of a block of flats and a background… currently i am having the windows of the flat as buttons as u scroll over them, but i wud like to extend the building of the stage in flash and use coding or a scroller bar, so, people can scroll up the block of flats…if u know what i mean ;(
any help will be very grateful! C:-)

that is such a awesome idea so basically u want the scroll panel but instead of it lookin ****ty with the panel sides u want ur own buttons ok ill have a go later im off for dinner now though


Now ive just gotta get it working… is it possible to put pictures in scroll bars just like text? or can someone please help me out with the coding for : if i roll the mouse over the top of the page it scrolls the picture downwards? if u know what i mean? thanks

You could try > THIS < but turn it horizontal…

OOPS Vertical

good idea…i’ll get to work! thank you very much! :wink:

OK :slight_smile:

It will mean you have to do some tweaking but it’s all good and it helps you learn; right!?!?

Hey ive sorted out my building now i need to stop the scrolling of the building…how wud i do this… there needs to be some kind of barrier to stop me moving any further… can someone please help me with the coding!