Scrolling pictures using Flash?

Hi! Im doing a project with another co worker of mine and my job is to figure out a way to have pictures scroll from right to left continuesly until a mouse goes over it and stops the rotation. The pictures consist of all the employees in the department so when it keeps scrolling and I put a mouse cursor over it the rotation stops and possibly gives some info on the employee.

Is it possible? Can someone please give me some suggestions or links to various tutorials?

Thanks! =)

I’d put that into a quicktime vr (virtual reality) file, which you can then import into flash to add the mouseOver actions for the infos…

You could try something like this to continuously scroll the image:…scroll.asp The only problem is, you might need to find a common beginning and ending mark in your picture. I think eyezberg’s idea is the best; Quicktime VR is quite good…though I’ve never used it before.