Scrolling text effect

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew how to achieve this effect - when you launch the site its the scrolling text at the beginning:

I have seen pom’s best of kirupa source file, but that uses more of a random element, with no set scrolling word (like in the example above). If anyone could help me with doing something like that I’d appreciate it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you mean the “launch” button? Then, it is just moving text, which is then moved later in the mc to the left, and comes back. Nothing special. However, I don’t think you mean that.

Hey, thanks for replying. You’re right, I don’t mean that - I mean the letters sliding down the screen after you launch saying interactive media. Any suggestions anyone has would be great :slight_smile:

He just has many letters which are falling, of different alphas and all (due to reflections?). Just get some free time, and starting dragging and flipping the letters. There’s no easier way to do it, I believe.

oh ok then i guess i was just looking for a simple actionscript solution :stuck_out_tongue: