Scrolling text question

Hi all,

I have searched the web but havent found any usefull answers to my problem and i would like to ask the pros on this for some help.

I have a multiline text and a scrollbar. I attach the scrollbar to the text and everything works fine. However i found out that for the scrollbar to work properly it has to be an Iput Text type. With this way the person visiting can actually write on the text area instead of just reading it.

Is there an option to make it read only or something that i am missing?
I am fairly new with flash so this might be a bit of a stupid question.

Also when i view the page with Iexplorer everything appears normally in the way intended. But when i open it with firefox after every flash component it leaves a line.

You can see it in the link below.

So i have these two questions?
Any suggestion is welcome :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks in advance for your time.