Scrolling text

hey once again :*(,

check the link…:-\

scrolling text

every time you go to scroll the text box the bar flies right down to the bottom :( i know why it does it, think…:-\ cause the positioning in the code for the scrolling MC has it positioned to 0 but i dunno how to change it :( cause im crap with AS :-\ the .fla is bewlow, feel free to tinker… :goatee:

hope you can help :slight_smile: thanks…

I looked at the flash for you, you can fix it in about 2 seconds without any AS changes…

Go to your “about” MC and unlock the background. Then select EVERYTHING on stage and move it down… keep doing so until the TOP of the scroll bar is at 0 y (or very close). It will work fine then. Let me know if you have any troubles.