Scrolling textfield with swf inside

[size=1]scrolling textfield with swf inside[/size]

[font=verdana, arial, helvetica][size=2]hey there

i’m modding a file for a friend, and he’d like the ability to have a scrollbar that scrolls a big long interactive menu in the same way a regular textfield scrolls, using an mx scrollbar component that i skinned.

i just figured i’d load an html file with the following code:

[/size][/font][indent][font=verdana,arial,helvetica][size=1]code:[/size][/font]<p class=“body”><img src=“sammidge.swf” vspace=“0” hspace=“0” width=“380” height=“1977”/></p>[/indent][font=verdana, arial, helvetica][size=2]

where the ‘body’ class is defined in a stylesheet object in the swf. the movie loads into the textfield fine, but the problem is, it’s about four times longer than the textfield and we want it to scroll, but the scrollbar remains dimmed, as though it doesn’t register the length of the swf.

i tried it with a regular jpeg, and it does exactly the same thing. here’s the code that loads the html file into flash:


[indent][font=verdana,arial,helvetica][size=1]ActionScript:[/size][/font]PRE {font : normal normal normal 13 “Courier New”, Courier, Arial;;}loaderate = [color=#000087]new[/color] LoadVars();loaderate.[color=#000087]load/color;loaderate.[color=#000087]onData[/color] = [color=#000087]function/color { sandwich.styleSheet = [color=#000087]_root[/color].stylizimo; sandwich.[color=#000087]html[/color] = [color=#000087]true[/color]; sandwich.[color=#000087]htmlText[/color] = r;};[/indent][font=verdana, arial, helvetica][size=2]

so, does anyone have any ideas? t’would be much appreciated.[/size][/font]