Konichi wa, Fellow Kirupans!

I need help developing a scrolling terrain and backround for my game. In my other games, I have always used this wimpy coding for scrolling:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
	if (_root.hero._x>268.4) {
		_root.backround._x -= 2;
		_root.terrain._x -= 2;
		_root.hero._x -= 2;
	if (_root.hero._x<44.5) {
		_root.backround._x += 2;
		_root.terrain._x += 2;
		_root.hero._x += 2;
	if (_root.hero._y>189.4) {
		_root.backround._y -= 3;
		_root.terrain._y -= 3;
		_root.hero._y -= 3;
	if (_root.hero._y<-2.6) {
		_root.backround._y += 3;
		_root.terrain._y += 3;
		_root.hero._y += 3;


…And I HATE that coding :ogre:. If anyone can help, that would be great. Thanks in advance!


onClipEvent(EnterFrame) {
this.gamebottom = -300;
this.gametop = 600;
this.gameleft = -750;
this.gameright = 0; 
this.vx = 0; = -250;
this.vy = 300;
this.ay = 0;
this.force = 0.07;
this.damping = 0.70;

onClipEvent(EnterFrame) { = (_root.gamebase.char._x+_root.gamebase._x-375)*this.force;
this.vx +=;
this.vx *= this.damping;
this.ay = (_root.gamebase.char._y+_root.gamebase._y-190)*this.force;
this.vy += this.ay;
this.vy *= this.damping;
this._x -= this.vx;
this._y -= this.vy;
 if (this._x>this.gameright) {
  this._x = this.gameright 
 if (this._x<this.gameleft) {
  this._x = this.gameleft 
  if (this._y>this.gametop) {
  this._y = this.gametop 
 if (this._y<this.gamebottom) {
  this._y = this.gamebottom 

This is the code on my last game (before I switched to one-framing it). It’ll require some modification.

Unless I’m mistaken, you will need this on the background clip, and just have some code on the terrain clip taht duplicates the _x and _y of the background clip.

In my game, the player character was created in the gamebase mc, and the gamebase mc is the background and levelly stuff, so the real _x coordinates are relative to the gamebase mc. I’m not sure how yours is rigged, so I can’t offer any more help.

the 375 is the x centre of my movie, and 190 is below the y centre of the movie, you’ll have to alter these to match your movie.

mess around with force and damping until you get the speed you want.

Hope this is of some use.

Arigato! Thank you :hugegrin: Ill experiment with that.

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