Scrollpane component

I am working on the “Scrolling Dynamically Loaded Text” tutorial and i have gotten to the part were you drag the Scrollbar Component from the component window… I am using MX2k4 and the component is not there just the scrollpane component… when i drag this onto the text box as instrucked it does not snap as the tutorial sayes it should but rather make a box and truns the tex box into a dotted line box … please help what am i doing wrong

cool i got the fla but how do i retrive it and add it to the componets bar

you can’t add it to the componets panel. It’s in the library of that fla. You have to open that file everytime you wanna get the scrollbar, unless it’s already in the current movie.

doh that sucks… wonder why they would leave something like that out… so i guess I just go to import extreanl library… and then drag it into my movie… it does not seem to snap :frowning:

b/c they want you to use their textarea (which is really big in size (bytes))

…Actually, you can. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just put the FLA into the Components directory. Example:
C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Flash MX 2004\en\First Run\Components

And you can download the whole set of Flash MX components from the Macromedia Exchange too.

learn something new every day :slight_smile: