Scrollpane+Dynamic MC Question


OK. I have a scrollpane which targets the content of my MC “Main”. Inside “Main” I have dynamically created instances of the MC “Product” so that each one is below the previous etc etc. The “Main” MC works perfectly, does exactly what I want, but when I play the entire movie, the scrollpane doesn’t recognise the instances of “Product” and chooses not to scroll them …

When I put instances of “Product” manually into “Main” the scrollpane worked fine.

What should I do to make the scrollpane find the dynamic instances? I can provide the source if someone actually needs it :slight_smile:

Luke =]

[size=1][edit: I thought the search feature was down, so I didn’t. But now I have, I found that some ppl are having the same problem, but still no answer. Help appreciated. Cheers :)][/size]