ScrollPane Glitch! aargh

I am experimenting with scrollpane but have hit a glitch…

i have a scrollpane which loads an external swf. this swf contains several empty movie clips into which i am loading several smaller swfs (in my case pictures)

all works fine when you access the page but the scrollpane itself does not show on the page at first! however on pressing ‘refresh’ it appears!! weird huh?

here is the link

see for yourself… any suggestions are much appreciated, Will.

Yeah, I remember having a similar problem with scrollpanes not loading on my own server.

I think that I figured out that I wasn’t letting it preload enough. Try that.

ive just tried several preloaders and no luck… do you have a reliable preloader i should try? the file is only 66kb so i dont know if there should be problems with such a small file size…

Does it work on your local machine? When you DONT run it off a webserver?

My problem only occurred when I ran it off a remote server.

yeh it does, but the preloaders dont show up, obviously, so its a mystery…

it prob is my preloader, its dodgy. just tried a basic kirupa preloader but no difference