ScrollPane Tab stop (tabindex) doesn't work


I’m working with Flash CS3 / AS3 file.

I’m making a form with flash.

I have a movie clip called “mcPage1Contents” in the library with the link “mcPage1Contents” that has some input text boxes in it like txtName and txtTel.

On the stage I have a Movie clip called “mcPage1” and inside of it I have a SrollPane called “SrollPane”.

My AS on the first frame is:

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]var mcPage1Holder:MovieClip = new mcPage1Contents();
mcPage1.ScrollPane.source = mcPage1Holder;[/COLOR]

I want to set focus to the first text field but it doesn’t work:

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]stage.focus = mcPage1.ScrollPane.source.txtName;[/COLOR]
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]stage.focus = mcPage1Holder.txtName;[/COLOR]

I have tried all the combination of [COLOR=RoyalBlue]tabEnabled[/COLOR], [COLOR=RoyalBlue]tabChildren[/COLOR], [COLOR=RoyalBlue]focusEnabled[/COLOR], [COLOR=RoyalBlue]tabEnabled [/COLOR]and [COLOR=RoyalBlue]tabIndex [/COLOR]but nothing.

The form shows perfectly when I publish it. The scroll and other functions works. Only I can’t get focus using Tab and stage.focus.

Any idea? is this possible? is better that I make my own component?

Thank you.