Seamless FLV Sequence?

So I have 3 FLVs, embedded in the timeline, each in their own MovieClip (along with 2 other, smaller FLVs that play while the 3-FLV-Sequence is running).
I am playing them one after the other, but there is a quick snag between FLV’s - about a 1 frame pause.
Anyone have any tips on making this seamless?
I’d like to stream them as well, but I have a feeling the pause between the transitions would be worse.
So either way - embedded or external… as long as it is seamless.
This site I am making is going to be pretty heavy with many animations playing and I really just want it as smooth as possible.
If you’d like to see what I have so far, you can check it out here:
The 3 main FLVs are:
The logo animation - the beginning up until after the skulls eye twitches, the frame before the rocket launches from behind the logo.

The “intro” animation - from the rocket launching up until the last frame that the rocket’s smoke trail is visible (the explosion is a separate FLV- I may be able to change this, it’s just that the 3rd FLV loops, and it would overlap the loop. I suppose I could just shift the loop up a few frames to start after the explosion… but anyway…)

And the “looping” FLV - Right after the rocket trail disappears to the end, looping forever.

The buttons are also a separate FLV because it overlaps with the loop.
As you can see, there are a couple places where it snags.
Sorry for the big load size…
Anyway, I’ve ranted long enough, any help would be great! Thank you very much!

(P.S - what do you guys think of my animations so far? The site is FAR from finished)

edit: oops, I just realized the 3rd FLV is one frame further than it should be, causing a blank frame during the explosion - sorry about that!